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Chance the Rapper talks partnering with Starbucks’ Made-Ready campaign


Courtesy of Starbucks

Chance the Rapper has partnered with Starbucks for their new “Made-Ready” campaign to promote their ready-made coffee drinks as outrageous orders keep overwhelming baristas in stores. 

Chance says their partnership coincided with his new-found interest in cinema, which he says is reflected in the campaign’s commercial.

“I don’t know how to describe it, but I’ve kind of just been self-educating myself in cinema and film and behind-the-camera work. And kind of going through this educational journey on Instagram,” he tells ABC Audio. “I guess somebody from Starbucks or from the creative agency, I don’t really know, saw that and was like, ‘Hey, we’d love to do a commercial in your spot about how the coffee is ready-made or made ready.”

Chance encourages others to be self-sufficient in the Starbucks “Made-Ready” campaign video, filmed at his House of Kicks production space in Chicago. 

“They’re like, we can make a video or an ad and kind of symbolizing the overlap between those two things, which is just that they’re both about having to get somewhere and being self-sufficient and relying on yourself, and it ended up being pretty cool,” Chance says. “I like the way the commercial came out a lot, actually. It was recorded at my office.”

This weekend, Chance is stepping away from his creative space to enjoy the Fourth of July with his wife, Kirsten, and their two daughters, five-year-old Kensli and one-year-old Marli.

“We’re going to go to a friend of the family’s BBQ in Chicago and kick it, get some food off the grill. [I] got some illegal fireworks, so it’s going up,” he says. 

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