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The Evolution of Issa Rae


(KRNB) – Jo-Issa Rae Diop, better known as Issa Rae, is an American actress, writer, director, producer, and web series creator who has often talks about her life as what she considered an “awkward black girl.”

It was that reality which propelled the adult Ms. Rae to super-stardom, as she parlayed thoughts of her young life into the now award-winning web series The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl.

With her own unique flare and infectious sense of humor, Issa Rae’s content has garnered over 23 million views and over 200,000 YouTube subscribers, and many other accolades.

NowThis Entertainment takes a look at how Rae went from being an ‘awkward Black girl’ who struggled to fit in to revolutionizing TV with her unique brand of comedy.


(NowThis Entertainment)

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