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Fans have questions after Beyoncé is ranked #2 on a list of celebs with physically perfect face


Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for City of HopeBeyoncé fans had some major questions after their Queen B came in second to Bella Hadid as the female celebrity with the most physically perfect face.

It all started, as Harper’s Bazaar reports, when a British doctor, Dr. Julian De Silva, said he’d used computer mapping and the “Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty” to determine which star has the most perfect face. While “golden ratio” is a math term, Dr. De Silva used it to describe how symmetrical celebrities’ features are.

After he reported that model Bella Hadid is the most physically perfect, with her features being 94.35% close to the “golden ratio,” compared to Bey’s 92.44%, fans were quick to revolt.

“I just wanna talk to scientists that ranked Bella Hadid more Beautiful than Beyonce,” tweeted one fan.

“Bella Hadid was ranked most beautiful woman in the world ahead of Beyonce and Rihanna hmmm…,” shared another.

“Who voted ???” questioned another fan.

In fact, nobody voted. According to the Daily Mail, the Golden Ratio is determined by three things. First, the length and width of the face is measured and the results are divided.  The ideal result is 1.6.

Then, you measure from the hairline to the spot between the eyes, from there to the bottom of the nose, and from there to the bottom of the chin. The more equal those numbers are, the more beautiful the person allegedly is.

Finally, the length of your ear has to be the same as the length of your nose, and the width of your eye should be equal to the distance between your eyes.

It’s unlikely the Beyonce will ever respond.

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