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#GoodManSeason: Ne-Yo goes on Instagram rant after getting flak for promoting monogamy


ABC/ Ida Mae AstuteNe-Yo is taking his single “Good Man” to heart. 

Over the weekend, the singer posted a message on Instagram that reads, “We Gotta Make Being Faithful to One Woman Cool Again Like 90’s R&B Songs. That Kind of Love Needs to Come Back Cause This Grown Boy Stuff is Corny.” 

In the caption, he also writes, “I’m sayin’….#GoodManSeason.” 

However, certain people, like comedian Lil Duval, weren’t so quick to praise Ne-Yo’s call for faithful men. 

EurWeb captured a reply to Ne-Yo’s Instagram message that says, “The f*** wrong wit this n**** neyo mayne? outchea just breaking all types of guy codes.”  

Not long after, Ne-Yo posted a slew of Instagram messages for critics of his #GoodManSeason movement.

“I love how as soon as I post something about being a Good Man or the evolution of, somebody wants to bring up what they THINK they know about my past relationship,” he writes. 

Ne-Yo then addresses previous rumors about his love life, of which there are many. 

Two months before his 2013 wedding to Monyetta Shaw, the mother of his two oldest children, Ne-Yo called off the engagement, allegedly stating that he “didn’t want to be monogamous anymore.” He then married his current wife, Crystal Renay, in 2016.

In 2016, Shaw told the New York Post that she agreed to get sterilized after giving birth, while Ne-Yo agreed to undergo a vasectomy.

Now, Ne-Yo writes, “And so FOR THE LAST TIME I DID NOT force anyone to tie their tubes. I DID NOT leave the mother of my 1st two children for my current wife. I didn’t even meet my wife until A YEAR AND A HALF AFTER me and the mother of my 1st two children split up.”  

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