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I Am All About a Woman’s Right to Choose: Alicia Keys Explains Her Anti-Makeup Stance


Trae Patton/NBCIn 2016, Alicia Keys took a stance against wearing makeup in front of scrutinizing eyes and cameras in the spotlight.  

However, the artist explains to Allure magazine that she was never completely opposed to putting on a coat of lipstick or eye shadow on the red carpet either. 

“I’m not a slave to makeup. I’m not a slave to not wearing makeup either,” she says.  

“I am all about a woman’s right to choose. I think a woman should do anything she wants as it relates to her face, her body, her health. Whatever mode of expression that empowers you, that’s what you should do. What I am not down for is this ridiculously high, unrealistic expectation about appearance that we as women are held to.” 

“I think makeup can be self-expression. I have no intention to shame anyone at all [who chooses to wear it]. No one should be ashamed by the way you choose to express yourself. And that’s exactly the point. However, if you want to do that for yourself, you should do that,” Alicia adds.   

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