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I’m not a stripper: Ashanti calls out fan for throwing money at her during show


ABC/Paula LoboIn case you didn’t know, Ashanti is not an exotic dancer — and she made sure to let her audience know that during a recent show.  

In an Instagram video posted by a fan over the weekend, several concertgoers are seen throwing money onstage as Ashanti performs a lap dance with a fan. 

Soon, she tells one of the people throwing cash in her direction to stop. 

“Let me tell you something,” starts Ashanti before stopping her performance mid-song. 

“Yo, I’ma need you to stop throwing that money. I’m not a f***** stripper OK?” 

Afterwards, a female fan in the background can be heard saying, “She say she not a stripper but she acting like one.”

Ashanti is currently on tour with Ja Rule. She’s also has a new track out now, titled “Say Less.” 

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