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India.Arie pens response to Recording Academy president who said women in music need to step up


Courtesy of BMGIndia.Arie is the latest female artist to respond to comments made by Recording Academy President Neil Portnow, who said after Sunday’s Grammy ceremony that women need to “step up” to succeed in the music business.  

India starts her statement with one word: “Worthy.”   

She then continues her note by referring to her Grammy pre-show performance of “I Am Light.” 

She writes, “In this performance, ‘Worthy’ is behind me on this stage, because it is my favorite word, my mantra, my life’s philosophy. I KNOW NOW, with NO uncertainty, that regardless of the lack of compassion and fairness that the world shows us at times, That I AM WORTHY! WE ALL ARE.” 

“My favorite definition of this word is: deserving of regard and respect. And anytime someone comes to treat me as less, I know THEY are mistaken.” 

India adds, “Neil Portnow is mistaken. His statements are a mess, but I get why he can’t empathize with women and women of color. HE is saying, the more women there are, the more chances women have to WIN.”

She continues, “BUT. WE NEED MORE WOMEN, more WOMEN OF COLOR AND MORE INCLUSIVE MINDED PEOPLE in positions of power, in the rooms where decisions are made. When this happens, doors will open for women to be represented in more DIVERSE WAYS.” 

“The fact that Portnow says we’d ‘be welcomed’ indicates that he doesn’t think we’re part of the household to begin with.” 

India’s declaration comes after the hashtag #GrammySoMale began trending in response to the fact that during the Grammy telecast, only one award went to a solo female.

Portnow later walked back his comments, calling his choice of words “regrettable.” 

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