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Is Oprah Retiring From The O Magazine Covers?


Oprah seems to be getting tired of doing cover after cover, maybe it is time for someone else to grace the cover of O Magazine. Sometimes she’s appeared with others (i.e. Ellen and Michelle Obama) but Oprah is the face of the magazine. But all of that might be coming to an end. According to the New York Post, Hearst employees say Lady O is tired of shooting the O covers and is going to retire from them soon. Even though Winfrey usually knocks out three issues in one day, it might be getting to be too much with all the involvement she still has in the programming and daily operation of OWN. Now editors are trying to come up with ideas for how they’ll proceed with the new covers. One idea includes decorating big letter O’s depending on the month. Hmm…hopefully there’s more to that idea.

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