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Jekalyn Carr wants her music to give fans inspiration and encouragement, all at the same time


Lunjeal Music Group21-year-old Jekalyn Carr is quite accomplished for her age. 

But the Grammy-nominated gospel singer, whose latest album One Nation Under God, peaked at #1 on Billboard’s Gospel Chart in March, has known since she was a child that she was destined for greatness.

As she tells ABC Radio, “I always knew that singing was my passion. I started singing at the age of five years old and I’ve been going strong ever since then.” 

Jekalyn continues, “I was just doing a lot of things in the music area and then by the age of 13, I began speaking [at conferences] and every week I’m traveling the world speaking and singing.” 

“Just being inspirational and just really getting people to see themselves the way that they were created to be, and that is living a successful and prosperous life. A well-rounded life.”  

The “You Will Win” artist credits her positive lyrics and a desire to make inspirational music to her church upbringing. 

She explains, “I grew up in church, of course… I love to sing music that really inspires people and give[s] people hope and a lot of times when we go through certain things we tend to lean towards gospel music.” 

“I just want to be in that range now where people can lean towards my music when they need inspiration and encouragement, all at the same time.” 

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