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Jhene Aiko Says New Collaboration with Big Sean Is Her Favorite Yet


Image Courtesy Def Jam

In less than two weeks, Big Sean will release his forthcoming album, Dark Sky Paradise. Although the rapper has remained mum about the details surrounding the project, one of his collaborator’s Jhene Aiko has spilled about their latest duet.

A reluctant Jhene didn’t give away all the goods but she tells Vibe that fans are in for a treat. “I will say that it’s in my favorite top three features that I’ve ever done,” she says.  “One would be the first song Sean and I did for his mixtape, ‘From Time’ with Drake, and then it would be this feature with Sean. But it’s my favorite one right now out of all three, probably because it’s the newest one. I love working with Sean.”

The singer adds that she recorded the new song in the studio with the rapper. “Every feature I’ve done with Sean has been a real collaboration. We’re usually in the same studio, but yeah this time, we definitely did,” Jhene recalls. “We always work super close, and he makes sure that it’s an actual collaboration. He never sends me anything that is written, you know what I mean? Besides ‘Beware,’ but he just sent me the track, and we got to go back and forth. He let me add on and really have input on the song.”

Big Sean’s third album, Dark Sky Paradise, arrives February 24.

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