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Keke Wyatt Explains Why She’s No Longer a Victim of Domestic Abuse


Marcus Ingram/Getty ImagesFollowing a violent first marriage that resulted in her stabbing her husband, Keke Wyatt is proud to say her second marriage is full of love, and free of abuse.

“My first marriage it was one-sided and that’s why I got beat on, that’s why I got cheated on, that’s why I got left, abandoned, just all kinds of things because it wasn’t mutual,” she tells Essence. “It was one-sided. So I said I’m not doing that no more. This time I made sure that it was mutual.”

After filing for divorce from Rahmat Morton in 2009, Wyatt wed Michael Jamar in 2010, and they’ve been happily married for six years. She has eight children, and she says Jamar’s love for her kids is one of the keys to their relationship

“Any man that can raise someone else’s children as their own and love them and take care of them and clean their throwup when they’re sick. That’s real love,” she says. “If you can love my children like you love your own then I tell you what, we got a deal here. We got a lifetime deal.”

Wyatt says she is grateful to Jamar for helping her cope with the family problems that have haunted her.

“I have issues from growing up and watching the relationship in my family between my parents not go so right, then I got married and it was the same type of situation,” she says. “So this time I’m like, ‘Mmm, Jesus. This got to be right.’ So, like, me with those issues, the fact that he can help me work through those problems is love.”

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