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Kevin Hart shows off how he and his wife have date night while in quarantine


ABC/Ida Mae AstuteJust because Americans are encouraged to shelter in place during the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t mean that married couples should let the spark burn out anytime soon because they can’t go out for a romantic date night.

Kevin Hart proved on Friday that he and his wife Eniko Parrish have adapted to the new times and have found other ways to keep that fire burning.  Well, as Kevin reveals, it seems he’s just along for the ride his wife has taken him on.

“#Datenight #Harts”…..I’m officially old,” the 40-year-old captioned the video of him and Parrish dancing in perfect harmony to Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller.”

Hart joked that he tried to wriggle out of the couple’s activity, but Parrish refused to concede.  “She wanted to do one of these new dances….I said hell nooooooo….” He wrote.  “Let’s show these young kids what time it is and hit em with some MJ.”

Hart, dressed in a teal sweat suit and flip flops, proves he still has his dance moves by jumping enthusiastically into the dance routine the second the music starts playing.  

The pair dances perfectly in sync before Hart comedically veers off script and starts waving his hands around — forcing Parrish to end the recording.

“WHY R WE LIKE THIS! Lmaoo,” Eniko later wrote in the comments’ section before confiding to a fan that there’s a reason their dance looked so polished and professional.

“We did like 30 takes!,” she admitted. 

She added when posting the video to her Instagram, “This is what our date nights have become..when the kids are away we play!”

That said, if you and your honey need a fun new activity to try out while in quarantine, take a page from the Hart family household and have a dance off.

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