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Kevin! Kelly Rowland says son Titan is obsessed with Home Alone


David Becker/Getty Images via ABCThe holiday season is here, and it appears that all Kelly Rowland‘s 3-year-old son Titan Jewell wants for Christmas is to watch Home Alone, or, as Titan affectionately calls the 1990 cult classic, Kevin.

She tells People magazine, “He’s obsessed with watching Kevin every morning and every night. It’s been a new tradition that he’s started on his own. We’ve watched it every day.” 

The singer also adds that Titan has another obsession on his hands, that seems to be driving her crazy. 

She says, “Titan’s favorite song is ‘Jingle Bell Rock.’ And if I hear that damn song one more time I’m probably doing to beat myself. It’s really bad.” 

Jokes aside, Kelly says she enjoys spending time with her son and “seeing things through his eyes.”

“His imagination is crazy vivid,” she continues. 

“He’s starting to see things around me that I did not know existed, it’s starting to freak me out.” 

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