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Michelle Williams on being able to tell Beyoncé she was the “Butterfly” on ‘The Masked Singer’: “It’s like freedom!


Michael Becker/FOXMichelle Williams couldn’t tell friends and family she was the “Butterfly” on The Masked Singer, so when her secret identity was finally revealed Wednesday night, it was a relief for her. Finally, she could talk about her experience, especially to her fellow Destiny’s Child members Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland.

“It’s like freedom! It’s kind of like a sip of Imodium for a person that’s constipated,” she tells Billboard. There’s lies locked up in me that I can finally let it go. Imodium, that was probably a nasty analogy. [Laughs] I finally get some relief and I don’t have to lie.”

The 40-year-old singer says her greatest challenge was resisting vocal runs or dance moves that would reveal her secret.

“There were times when I said [to myself], “Don’t do this, that’s a signature Destiny’s Child move, don’t put your hand on your hip, or don’t do that.” Michelle recalls.

Despite her success with Destiny’s Child and also as a solo artist, Michelle admits she was insecure about performing on The Masked Singer because of some negative comments about her talent on social media.

“Apparently I don’t have the most commercially appealing voice or whatever,” she says. “People have their favorites, but vocally I was not a favorite in the group, and that stuck with me.”

Despite her concerns, Michelle accepted the invitation to appear on the show, and she’s grateful for the experience.

“The Masked Singer brought me so much joy,” she says. “It’s probably one of the top five things in 20 years that I’ve done in terms of it being a big platform and a big stage.”

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