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Miguel gets back in tune with his Mexican roots


ABC/Fred LeeWith Grammy Award and two platinum albums under his belt, Miguel is grateful for his success, and he’s thankful to his Mexican father for the sacrifices he made for him.

“I’ve had a chance to go visit my family in Mexico and get in tune a little more with where my family is from and the journey from Zamora which is where my family is from in Mexico,” he says in an interview with the Recording Academy. “And just really kind of like digest all of the sacrifice, not only on my father’s side, but just overall.”

Miguel was born in Los Angeles, and as he reflects on his life in America, he’s connecting more with his Mexican roots.

“I think about the opportunities that I have now and it really is a culmination of a lot of sacrifice,” the 32-year old singer says. “I want to be more in tune with where I come from. I think that gives me more to offer, the more I understand and really connect with that and root myself in that, the more I can flourish.”

Miguel performed over the weekend at the Essence Fest in New Orleans, and he has fond memories of his first performance at the festival.

“I played a lounge 5 years ago and I’ll never forget the energy and how excited I was to play because I know how important it is. I think there is just a real love for music and black music,” Miguel says. “I was just really happy because it was main stage this time, so I got to think about the journey on stage. It was fun.”

Miguel will kick off his Ascension tour August 23 in Boston. The tour, which will stop in 25 cities, concludes September 28 in Seattle.

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