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Miguel says new album is about trying to be positive in the face of harsh realities


Richard BernardinIt seems like Miguel‘s forthcoming album War & Leisure will be a bit of a departure from his previous one, Wildheart

He tells Title magazine that, while there’s “a lot of love” and “party stuff” on the disc, it truly is “about trying to be positive in the face of harsh realities.”  

He adds, “It’s all there in the title: War & Leisure.” 

On the new album, Miguel balances a mix of real-life truths and having plain old fun, taking cues from icons like Prince.

“Most of them were good at not bringing their personal beliefs into their music, into their job. And if it was brought in, it was broad,” he explains. 

“You think of ‘Sign o’ The Times’ by Prince. It’s socially conscious, but it’s not political.”

“I’m always honest in my music, but I don’t want my honesty to put people off,” he adds.  

What the entertainer sees for himself with the release of War & Leisure is what he calls “the beginning of a five-year thing.”

He explains, “I’m so excited, man. I’ve created more in the past year and a half than I ever have. I have a lot of music left to give. I’m not just looking at this as a single-album cycle, but a run. I’m going. I’m not stopping for five years.” 

War & Leisure comes out on December 1. 

His latest song from the album, “Pineapple Skies,” is available now. 

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