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Miguel Says the Response to Wildheart Has Been Tremendous


Photo Credit: Daniel Sannwald

After a three-year hiatus, Miguel has released his latest album, Wildheart, which has been heralded by fans on social media. The singer, who combed through a slew of positive comments, tells ABC Radio how tremendous the response has been for the follow-up to 2012’s Kaleidoscope Dream.

“It feels really good, the response has been tremendous and for me, you know, every album will always be different from the one previous and the next because they’re all kind of like snapshots of my life at a given point in time,” the singer tells ABC Radio.

“You always wonder how your fans are going to take to the music, or if they’re going to take to it, because you want them to grow with you, but sometimes not everyone is ready to come with you,” he says. “And it’s really cool to feel like everyone is just riding with me, super tough, so it’s awesome.”

The singer adds that the album is a close reflection of his evolution and he’s just proud that fans have resonated with his creative growth.

“When something personal to you, you know, and giving that to your fans really resonates with them, it’s kind of a way of saying, ‘Hey, this is life and it’s OK, we all go through it,'” he says.

Overall, Miguel feels a deeper connection to his loyal following. “The transparency in it is awesome, because you get the same transparency back, you know?  So, it feels really good,” he says. 

To support his latest project Miguel is gearing up for a North American summer tour, beginning on July 24 in Austin, Texas, and wrapping up September 4 in his hometown of Los Angeles.

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