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Miguel Talks About New Year’s Resolutions & Plans for 2016


ABC RadioIt’s that time of the year where we all make promises to ourselves just before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. While many come up with challenging New Year’s resolutions, Miguel tells ABC Radio that he hasn’t come up with a specific goal for 2016, though he’s all about goal-setting in general.

“New Year’s resolutions? I’m always… setting goals for myself,” Miguel says.

When asked if he had a resolution for 2015, Miguel replied: “This year was probably just about giving more than I have in the past. It was about how can I give something bigger than whatever I’ve given thus far. And I think that’s probably why its not so much about the album, but its about the conversation and the purpose of it all for me,” he says, referring to his latest album, Wildheart.

As for what fans can expect of the singer next year, Miguel has a lot in the pipeline for 2016.

“Oh man, more music, touring — I’ll be on tour, you know, for the majority of the year — but also filming, acting as well, which I’ve already started which has been an amazing experience and one that has kind of inspired me to kind of pursue it a little more,” he says.  “I also have two artists that I have signed to my own record label, so I’m excited to like really introduce them to the world. Yeah, I think those are pretty much at the forefront of my plans.” 

Miguel is currently enjoying the holidays in the Dominican Republic with his longtime girlfriend, Nazanin Mandi.

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