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Mint Condition singer recalls touring with Prince, and the late icon’s wealth of knowledge


Courtesy of Concord RecordsSaturday marks the two-year anniversary of Prince‘s death.    

Mint Condition toured with Prince in 2010, and the group’s lead singer Stokley toured with Prince’s band The Revolution last year.   

Stokely fondly recalls the precious times he spent with the late icon.

The “Be With U” singer tells ABC Radio, “[The Revolution] knew that Prince was a lover of my voice [and] Mint Condition, and…he took us on the road with them and [we had] done some great shows together at the [Los Angeles] Forum when we was out there, and in Carolina and out in France.” 

Stokley continues, “It was just these incredible shows… There was one night I remember…we’d do a song where I do this little lead with the piano and I’m doing this vocal thing at the end, [Prince] was like, ‘Yeah, Stoke, would you leave me more notes for the rest of us out here?'”  

Discussing Prince as if he were still alive, Stokley adds, “He has such a wealth of knowledge and just all this energy. Just, I mean he’s never, he’s always on. He’s…fluid. He’s like, input, output. That’s how he is. That’s how he creates so quickly.”  

Stokley says that if there’s one thing he’s learned from The Purple One, it’s “to absolutely be yourself.” 

“The outside chatter, and everything like that, doesn’t matter at the end of the day. ‘Cause you can end up doing a bunch of things that you don’t really believe in.” 

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