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Parents of alleged R. Kelly victim launch abuse hotline


Randee St. Nicholas/RCA RecordsThe parents of an alleged R. Kelly victim have created an abuse hotline to report any claims against the singer.

Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage say Kelly is holding their daughter, Joycelyn, against her will, though Joycelyn, who remains with Kelly, says otherwise, and Kelly himself denies the claims. In May, Timothy filed a police complaint stating Kelly’s manager, James Mason, threatened to kill him.

Now Joycelyn’s parents have created the hotline after being contacted, they say, by at least 80 people who also claim abuse by Kelly. The hotline allows callers to leave a message detailing their allegations.

“One reason I feel that he’s been getting away with a lot of the allegations for the last two decades is because people feel he has money and power and they don’t have the resources to fight him,” Jonjelyn Savage tells

“There’s no age limit on being mind-controlled, drugged, brainwashed, there’s no age limit on that,” she adds. “So the more we have more young ladies or even men, or parents that are willing to speak out, the more we think it can help our daughter as well as helping other victims.”

The hotline number is 678-744-3185. There’s also a Mute R. Kelly website dedicated to stopping the singer’s alleged abuse.

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