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Pharrell on Kanye West’s controversial opinions: We have to love our brother, regardless.


Lars Niki/Corbis via Getty Images Pharrell Williams and Kanye West have collaborated on numerous songs, and as Kanye faces a backlash for his controversial opinions, Pharrell is not abandoning his long-time friend.

“We have to love our brother, regardless. We might not agree with him, but we can’t stand by and watch anything happen to him, because he’s our brother,” the 11-time Grammy winner tells

“We don’t want to abandon him because we fundamentally disagree,” he continues. “We care about his well-being. We care about the spirit that is him.”

Kanye is often under fire because he supports President Trump.  But while Pharrell doesn’t share Ye’s political views, he says it’s important to respect the man he considers family.

“I’m not siding with him at all, [but] at the end of the day, you gotta understand that, even when there is division, we’re still one,” Pharrell explains.

Pharrell believes that just like the black community always stood by the late, great Muhammad Ali, it should also respect Kanye, and not treat him like an enemy.

“We wouldn’t have let that happen to [Ali], even if he wouldn’t have decided to go the other way. We would have stuck by him,” Pharrell insists. “You know what I’m saying? That’s our brother.”

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