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Report: Mary J. Blige says she made no money from her Mudbound role


Courtesy of NetflixAlthough Mary J. Blige is officially an Oscar nominated actress thanks to Dee Rees‘ Mudbound, the singer says the film, however, did nothing for her financially.

In recently filed court documents, obtained by The Blast, Blige claims that she made nothing from the Netflix film because of her outgoing expenses. 

In fact, Mary, who is nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Song in Mudbound, says she never focused on the money, since she saw the project as a way to “support her brand.”

The actress is arguing against her estranged husband Kendu Isaacs, who is requesting additional spousal support.

Blige claims Issacs is the reason behind her financial downfall and that he is unwilling to get a job because he see her as his “bank.”

According to Mary, her main source of income has come from touring, which the singer reveals, is not always possible as a “legacy artist [since] there is no market for her to embark on a major world tour every year.”

Blige also notes that she doesn’t own her music catalog, owes $25 million from advances, and accrued another $12 million in debt while married to Issacs. 

As a result, Mary says paying Kendu spousal support would be unfair and unreasonable. 

The former couple are set to square off in court sometime in March. 

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