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Snoop Dogg Drags Nick Cannon’s Doo … All in Fun!


Looks like the social media is having some fun at actor/comedian Nick Cannon’s expense.  Known for his sometimes over-the-top outfits and hair styles, Snoop Dogg set the memes in motion Thursday with Cannon’s appearance on the new FOX singing show, ‘The Masked Singer.’

Sporting a new curly doo, Snoop posted a screenshot of the shot to Instagram with the caption, “Nick Canon out here looking like he selling prayer cloths & miracles for $19.99.”

The humor wasn’t lost on Nick who shot back with “Reverend Cannon!!!” on the post.

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Meantme, as for the show, according to post on its Twitter account, it had the “highest rated unscripted debut in over SEVEN years. The show features some well known celebrities and sports figures and others who take the state in elaborate costumes and masks to sing before a panel of judges, who then have to guess who’s behind the mask.

Other memes spawned by the new style included an image of Arsenio Hall as one of the many characters he played in the classic flick ‘Coming to America.’

Preach Nick.

Posted by Jason St Clair on Thursday, January 3, 2019

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