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Kanye West

Kanye West Former Bodyguard Spills the Beans

If you think working for Kanye West might be challenging, you might be right. Steve Stanulis is Kanye’s former bodyguard and he spilled some details on his employment.  He says  “Kanye has some ridiculous rules. He wanted you to stay 10 paces behind him on a city street. So obviously if someone is going to come… Read more »


Future’s Bodyguard Knocked Out During Airport Attack

Future’s Bodyguard Knocked Out During Airport Attack In an attack that seems to be similar to what happened to A$AP Rocky in Sweden, Future’s bodyguard was knocked out after fans who wanted to get a picture with Future were refused. As he exited an International flight a source close to Future says he told the… Read more »


Prince’s Family Sues Doctor

Prince’s family sues doctor.   The family of Prince is suing a doctor who prescribed pain pills for him, saying the doctor failed to treat him for opiate addiction and bears responsibility for his death. Prince died of an accidental overdose of fentanyl a couple of years ago. Authorities say Dr. Michael Schulenberg admitted prescribing… Read more »