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Steph Curry's Parents

Update: Steph Curry’s Parents Accuse Each Other Of Cheating!

Uh oh…More details are starting to leak about why Steph Curry’s parents are getting a divorce.   According to the jasminebrand,com, court documents show that Steph’s mother Sonya alleges that her estranged husband Dell cheated on her during their marriage with multiple women.  But get this…Dell says that Sonya cheated on him with another man, and… Read more »

amber rose

Amber Rose’s Baby Daddy admits to cheating

Amber Rose called out her baby daddy via social media for cheating on her with several different women.  Her baby daddy has responded to the allegations by saying, “You know when you ask a woman how many n****s they been with? And they say like 5, but you feel like it is more like 15?… Read more »

Football Player Held at Gunpoint By Wife

Hell hath no fury and such was on full display after Nina Teresa Baham-Heisser learned her husband was in bed with two women. Dang..two women??   The wife of Ravens safety Earl Thomas noticed something was wrong after viewing his Snapchat story, reports TMZ, and she drove out to the rental house where he was staying to confront him.  Upon catching… Read more »

Eniko Hart

Kevin Hart’s Wife Talks About Him Cheating On Her

Kevin Hart has a new documentary series on Netflix called, Kevin Hart: Don’t F- This Up. His wife, Eniko Parrish opens up for the first time about the cheating scandal in their marriage. She said she found out through a DM from someone she didn’t know. She was 7 or 8 months pregnant at the… Read more »