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Jay Z

NYPD Cops Charged W/ Stealing Jay-Z’s Champagne

JAY-Z’s Ace of Spades is extremely popular that three NYPD officers have been indicted for allegedly taking about $3,000 worth of the drink from a music festival last year. Jonathan Gonzalez, Wojciech Czech, and Warren Golden were charged with felonies on Monday (May 16), according to Billboard, for allegedly stealing bottles of Hova’s pricey champagne… Read more »

Scottie Pippin

Scottie Pippen is Launching a Bourbon

NBA legend Scottie Pippen is the latest celebrity to launch their own drink, this time bourbon.  The former Chicago Bulls star is now part of the team for Digits Bourbon, based 30 minutes north of Oakland.  Pippen is actually involved in the process, too! He has been involved with the tasting and blending processes, as… Read more »