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NYPD Cops Charged W/ Stealing Jay-Z’s Champagne


Jay Z

JAY-Z’s Ace of Spades is extremely popular that three NYPD officers have been indicted for allegedly taking about $3,000 worth of the drink from a music festival last year.
Jonathan Gonzalez, Wojciech Czech, and Warren Golden were charged with felonies on Monday (May 16), according to Billboard, for allegedly stealing bottles of Hova’s pricey champagne from Electric Zoo in September 2022.
Gonzalez and Czech are accused of grand larceny in the fourth degree and of having stolen property in the fourth degree, while Gonzalez and Golden were accused of official misconduct.
The three detectives in control of drugs at the festival observed three VIP visitors ordering bottles of Ace of Spades, according to the prosecutors’ investigation.
Gonzalez allegedly grabbed two bottles, totaling $2,900, after the participants had temporarily left the room. Gonzalez then allegedly went to get a backpack, and Czech allegedly gave Gonzalez the bottles to put in the bag. Golden reportedly observed what happened but did nothing about it.
Two attendees who witnessed the men taking the champagne bottles approached the NYPD detectives as they were returning to the staff-only section from the VIP tent area. They then informed the security guard stationed there about the event.

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