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Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “Where I Wanna Be?

Well I think Donell Jones is one of those underrated that never gets enough credit for his great body of work!  He continues to make that smooth R&B that he’s known for to keep us groovin.’  Donell has worked with some of the best producers and writers in the music industry and together they’ve made… Read more »

Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~ “Your Voice”

  TO hear your sweet voice in the early dawn, Gives to my heart a feeling thats warm, And starts my day with my thoughts in a swarm. To wake to the ring of the phone, And know that I will not be alone, For together we have joined our souls, So we may help… Read more »

What’s The ONE Thing You Don’t Like About Yourself?

So maybe it’s your weigh.  Maybe it’s the way you interact with people, because you can have a bad attitude at times.  Well maybe it’s the way you can NEVER say no to someone although there are times you probably should.  So what’s the ONE thing you don’t like about yourself that you would possibly… Read more »

Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~ “You Sexy Thing”

You sexy thing, you have my heart You stole it from me, right at the start When we first met, that was it for me Madly in love, forever I’d be   My heart is now, just a simple slave To your bursting love, like an ocean wave Your eloquent beauty, your velvet skin I’ll… Read more »

Name ONE Thing Your Ex Is Really Good At?

So even though you all didn’t work out, maybe you can acknowledge that he is really good with the kids.  Maybe she’s an excellent cook and you think about her meals from time to time.  Although sometimes things don’t work out, I think it’s great when one can acknowledge what their ex was really good… Read more »