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Texas Billionaire Pays Student Loans of Morehouse Class of 2019

It was a SURPRISE OF A LIFETIME for nearly 400 graduating seniors at Morehouse College this morning (Sunday 5/19/19)!¬† ¬†Austin, Texas based billionaire Robert F. Smith, who was the commencement speaker announced that he would be paying off all of their student loans!! Smith, who made his fortune as a technology investor had already announced… Read more »

Morehouse Professor Holds Student’s Baby So He Can Take Notes

A Morehouse College student couldn’t find a babysitter so he took the baby to class. The story doesn’t stop there. I give the dad extra credit for not missing class, but the Professor gets an A plus for the day! With midterms right around the corner Morehouse student Wayne Hayer didn’t want to miss his… Read more »