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R Kelly

R Kelly Engaged to Joycelyn Savage

Whoa…If you ever wondered what happened to Joycelyn Savage the young lady who became famous being one of R Kelly’s girlfriends, reports are surfacing that she and R Kelly are engaged.  According to thejaminebrand, during R Kelly’s sentencing she wrote a letter to the judge and in it she referred to herself as his fiance…. Read more »

R. Kelly Files Lawsuit Against Jail

Recently, R. Kelly filed a lawsuit to sue the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center for harsh treatment and putting him on suicide watch when he says he is not ‘suicidal’. The U.S. Attorney’s Office said, “The suicide watch is for his own safety.” The office continued, “He is a convicted sex offender who has been sentenced to spend… Read more »

R Kelly

R. Kelly Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison

R.Kelly has just been sentenced to 30 years behind bars in federal prison for 9 federal charges including human trafficking. He did not make a statement during sentencing. The victims held hands while the sentence was read and Kelly had no apparent reaction. He is still facing other charges in Illinois and Minnesota.

R Kelly

R Kelly to be Sentenced Today

Today is the day that R Kelly will be sentenced for sexually abusing women and young girls.  Prosecutors want 25 years, and this is just the New York case.  His lawyers say he should only face 17 years maximum sentencing under federal sentencing guidelines…


Tyrese Breaks Down R Kelly’s Jailhouse Message of Condolence

Tyrese broke down after receiving a message of condolence from R. Kelly after the death of his mother last month. The singer/actor took to social media to share the message he received from Kellis. “Hey Lil bro,” the message began. “My Condolences To You About Mom…She Is In A Better Place With My Mom &… Read more »