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R Kelly’s Writing Credits on Drake New Album Spark Controversy

All hip-hop fans are talking about is Drake’s album that just dropped.  However, some are not happy after fans noticed that R. Kelly is listed as one of the writers on “TSU.” Apparently, this is because the sample used reimagined version of Kell’s song “Your Body is Calling.” Now fans are venting about it on social…. Read more »

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Man Testifies Against R. Kelly In Sex-trafficking Trial

R. Kelly’s sex-trafficking trial continued yesterday, as a man took the stand and described in detail how R. Kelly exploited him as a teen. The man, who is testifying without using his real name, said Kelly made promises to help his music career and asked the then teen what he would do to make it… Read more »

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R Kelly’s Publishing Catalog is for Sale: Here’s What its Worth

If you’ve ever wanted to purchase R Kelly’s publishing catalog, you’re in luck.   It’s currently for sale because the singer needs money.   On August 3rd, his lawyer said in court, “His funds are depleted.”  Billboard says, “R&B song catalogs typically sell for a 12-times multiple of net publisher’s share of gross profit, but such a… Read more »

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R Kelly’s Physician Testifies He Had Herpes Since At Least 2007

R. Kelly’s doctor took the stand during Thursday’s court hearing. Kris McGrath, who specializes in internal medicine and has cared for the singer for over 20 years, testified about the singer knowingly having herpes since 2007. McGrath testified he suspected Kelly had herpes since 2000 due to his symptoms but a negative lab test didn’t… Read more »

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IRS Slaps R. Kelly With $2 Million Tax Lien

The IRS has hit R. Kelly with a $2 million tax lien for allegedly not paying taxes in 2008.  If he doesn’t pay the IRS they will begin seizing his assets and property.  Last year he was hit with a separate federal tax lien of $1.8 million for the years.  If you had 15 mins… Read more »