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Richard Pryor’s Widow Says Daughter Should Accept His Bisexuality

Richard Pryor’s Widow Says Daughter Should Accept His Bisexuality.   What??  Yes his widow says his daughter Rain Pryor should accept his bisexuality.  Really??  I have a hard time thinking that she should that.  I know people in California are open minded but Rain should be left alone to have what ever memories she has… Read more »


Richard Pryor’s Daughter Upset With Quincy Jones

Richard Pryor’s daughter upset with Quincy Jones.  Yes Rain Pryor, Richard’s daughter is pissed with Quincy for saying her father had sex with Marlon Brando, and even more pissed with the Black Community for believing it. Look at what she said about us below. Read here

Who Knew Richard Pryor Was A Singer

Who knew Richard Pryor was so Multi talented….before become the greatest comedienne of all time he actually did  odd jobs to make it in to entertainment industry & singing happen to me on of them…..He was performing in and out of comedy and did some singing to make ends meet. He even opened for two folks who… Read more »