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Who Knew Richard Pryor Was A Singer


Who knew Richard Pryor was so Multi talented….before become the greatest comedienne of all time he actually did  odd jobs to make it in to entertainment industry & singing happen to me on of them…..He was performing in and out of comedy and did some singing to make ends meet. He even opened for two folks who would later become icons in their own right: Bob Dylan and Nina Simone. Simone recalls a Pryor who had an extreme case of stage-fright.

“He shook like he had malaria, he was so nervous. I couldn’t bear to watch him shiver, so I put my arms around him there in the dark and rocked him like a baby until he calmed down.”

Well, you certainly wouldn’t know that from this performance because, true to what became Pryor form, he belted that song out like the most confident singer ever!


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