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Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole Drops Message About People “Who Hurt You…

The R&B singer didn’t say a word about Antonio Brown, but his fans were quick to bring up his rude posts about Cole on social media. While Cole is working on her latest album she did some work with Antonio Brown, who released his Paradigm project. On it, Cole was on a track called “Don’t… Read more »

50 Cent

50 Cent Apologizes to Madonna

50 Cent got called out by Madonna on Thursday (December 2) after he teased her over an Instagram picture she posted of her in fishnet stockings with her legs hanging out from underneath a bed. “[eyes emoji] Yo this is the funniest s__t! LOL. [lauging emoji] That’s Madonna under the bed trying to do like… Read more »

Katt Williams

Katt Williams Pauses Show After Fan Passes Out

After what happened at Travis Scott’s Astro World tragedy, Katt Williams is not taking any chances.  Katt was performing in Louisville Kentucky, when a fan passed out, and Katt stopped the show until he was sure that the lady was okay and social media is loving him for it. Read more here

50 Cent

50 Cents Blast Starz

50 Cent is not happy with Starz right now.  He went on a social media to let the network know how  he felt.  The network, that airs his hit series, “BMF” along with other television hits, “Raising Kanan,” “GHOST” and “Power.” Recently The Hollywood Reporter claimed that Starz parent company Lionsgate was looking to sell the network. “Starz… Read more »

Gary Owen

Gary Owen’s Soon to Be Ex Wife Speaks Out

Uh oh.   Gary Owens soon to be ex is speaking out.  Their messy divorce is still playing out in social media.  Kenya Duke says that she believes that Gary is more of a narcissist than a comedian…That’s not all.  She also says she is getting a podcast that will start on November 18th.   Uh oh…… Read more »