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Joe Biden

President Biden To Unveil Obama’s Official White House Portrait

President Biden will be inviting his old boss back to the White House later this year for a longstanding presidential tradition.  Biden will unveil the official White House portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama, resuming a tradition that was interrupted by former president Trump, who skipped it.    No date was given for the unveiling… Read more »


White House Issues Executive Order to Ban TikTok

Uh oh…The clock is ticking for TikTok – That guy in the White House has signed an executive order to effectively ban the TikTok in the U.S.  The order is set to go into effect in 45 days, barring U.S. companies from doing business with TikTok’s Chinese parent company ByteDance.  Trump has accused TikTok of… Read more »

Report: Trump Will Not Unveil Official Obama Portrait

Breaking with a 40-year tradition, President Donald Trump reportedly will not be unveiling the official White House portrait of his predecessor, former President Barack Obama. The news was first reported by NBC, that the event to unveil Obama’s official portrait wasn’t currently on the calendar, and may not even occur while Trump is in office, and that… Read more »