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Tamia feels more bold” about her life and music as she celebrates 20th anniversary of self-titled debut album


Victoria WestfalAs Tamia celebrates the 20th anniversary of her self-titled debut album, she feels “more bold” about her career as she prepares to release a a new album.

“I feel like I am more bold in who I am as a person as a woman and also as an artist,” Tamia tells ABC Radio. “Whether that is approaching the way I approach the albums more independently versus major label type deal. I like to be in control and ownership of who I am.”

After being discovered by Quincy Jones and beginning her career in 1998 on his Qwest Records label, Tamia now records for her own label, 21 Entertainment.

As her own boss, the six-time Grammy nominee says she’s learned to trust her own instincts and not be swayed about other people’s opinions.

“As you grow, you just become more self-assured in who you are and you don’t really care about what the next person thinks,” she says. “You’re kinda like, this is my vision. This is what I want and how can we execute this.”  

Tamia will release her seventh solo album, Passion Like Fire, on September 21, and will tour throughout the fall.

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