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TX family sues teen cyber bullies


In this crazy world of bullying a Texas family decided to stand up for their 16yr old daughter & put an end to the non sense. That’s the message of Texas parents Reymundo Esquivel and Shellie Tingle-Esquivel, who are taking action by suing six of their 16-year-old daughter’s classmates and their parents. The six Klein High School students used Instagram to horribly harass the Esquivels’ daughter, the family claims in the lawsuit, which may be filed as early as Tuesday morning, Paranjpe said. The two boys and four girls are being sued for libel and their parents are being sued for negligence.

The Instagram page titled “2014 Klein Hoes” was posted on or around Jan. 14 and contained pictures of the Esquivels’ daughter with 20-30 disturbing images, including photos that could be classified as child pornography. Geez! Hopefully they get the message.

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