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T.D. Jakes Shows Off Unknown Talent!

Bishop T.D. Jakes is showing a talent that many probably didn’t know he had! In a video post to his Facebook page, the Potter’s House Pastor is playing the piano, a talent that he used in the early days of his ministry, but he says that he found someone better at it so that he… Read more »

T.D. Jakes Launches Entrepreneurial Pitch Contest For Students!

Get Ready…Get Ready…Get Ready…to be a success! T.D. Jakes has teamed up with the University of North Texas at Dallas to launch an entrepreneurial competition called MegaFutures@MegaFest. The competition will be a part of MegaFest and is designed for students in grades 6-12. “There is a hunger across America to start a company, to be… Read more »

T.D. Jakes Hosts FREE Live Recording This Weekend!

Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready! It’s a live recording featuring the Potter’s House choir hosted by Bishop T.D. Jakes! The choir will be joined by the Joyous Celebration of Durban, South Africa for the live recording for the album “Heal Our Land” which will be released in 2017. The live recording will take place… Read more »

T.D. Jakes Hosts “A Conversation With America” TODAY!

The results of the Presidential Election are in and now it’s time to talk! Bishop T.D. Jakes hosts a “Conversation With America: Presidential Election Special” today. “We promise an empowering and positive discussion about how we can come together under our new leadership to make this country work better for all of us moving forward”… Read more »

T.D. Jakes’ Big Surprise For Bobby Brown!

Bobby Brown gets a huge surprise on the T.D. Jakes show when Jakes brings out a guest to apologize to the singer for passing judgement on him based on what he saw in the media. The guest said that after reading Brown’s book “Every Little Step”, he changed his mind about how he saw the… Read more »

Is T.D. Jakes Leaving The Potter’s House for Hollywood??

Bishop T.D. Jakes launched his daytime talk show two weeks ago to great reviews, so much so that there are rumors that the Potter’s House pastor will leave the church that he founded over 20 years ago to move to Hollywood to concentrate on his show full time, but Jakes says that is totally false…. Read more »

T.D. Jakes’ Powerful Word On Forgiveness!

Bishop T.D. Jakes has a powerful word for people who are struggling with forgiveness. “I know it’s hard to forgive somebody you’re angry with and love at the same time” Jakes said. “But by doing so, you free your own heart from pain and suffering.”   Jakes’ TV talk show launched this week and can… Read more »

T.D. Jakes Reveals What You Will See On His Show!

T.D. Jakes officially becomes a talk show host today! The Potter’s House pastor who has written books, produced albums, movies, and hosted successful conferences around the world launches his show “The T.D. Jakes Show” today! Jakes who had a very successful test run of the show last summer explains what his show will be about…. Read more »

Sneak Preview: The T.D. Jakes Show!

Bishop T.D. Jakes is stepping into new territory as a talk show host! After a very successful test run last summer, the “T.D. Jakes Show” is now a reality! The Pastor of the Potter’s House says that while his show will be inspirational and uplifting, it won’t be a church service. “This is not preaching… Read more »