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The Sexual Harassment Of Anita Hill Why It Matters


Women were supposed to be protected from Sexual Harassment in the workplace by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That makes it hard to believe that it was socially acceptable for a  male co-worker to pressure his female counterpart for a date or sex well into the 1990’s. Then a lawyer named Anita Hill testified during the Supreme Court nomination hearings of Clarence Thomas. Over 50 million people watched as the dirty little secrets were exposed to the world and it wasn’t okay any longer.

That moment is why Anita Hill was important then and is still important now. As women we should thank her for sacrificing her privacy and being embarrassed on national television for the good of all women.

Read How Anita Hill’s Story Sparked A Movement For Women In Politics

CONFIRMATION stars Kerry Washington as Anita Hill airs tonight at 8 on HBO.


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