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Melania Trump On President Trump’s Alleged Affairs ‘Not Concern and Focus of Mine’


First Lady Melania Trump Says President Trump’s Alleged Affairs Are ‘Not Concern and Focus of Mine’ First Lady Melania Trump sat down for her first solo interview since becoming First Lady. The interview will air last night on ABC. During the interview, the host asks her about the rumors of infidelity involving her husband, President Donald Trump. Her response, it is not a concern or focus of mine. I have more important things to think about and do. When asked if she has been hurt by the allegations she took a very long pause before responding, it’s not always pleasant. When asked if they still have a good marriage and if she loves her husband she replied, yes we are fine. Any woman that is in love with her husband would be concerned about a cheating spouse unless you are in it for the money and he cheated on his 2nd wife with you.

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