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Michelle Obama Most Admired Woman In The World


Move over Angelina Jolie and Oprah, Michelle Obama is the Most Admired Woman In The World!  The incredible former first lady tops the list of the ‘World’s Most Admire Women’ according to the annual study by YouGov. The study interviewed over 42 thousand people from 44 countries. Oprah came in followed by Angelina Jolie and Queen Elizabeth II.

Michelle Obama is leading the poll to run for President of the United States which she zero interest in doing. Who could blame her after the way she and her family were treated. Her book ‘Becoming’ also has sold over 10 million copies and counting, it is the Best Selling memoir in history. She continues to set the bar high and is in a league all her own.

Her husband President Barack Obama also named ‘World’s Most Admired’ and came in second place for to Bill Gates.


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