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Tyra Banks Sports Natural Hair [PICS]


Tyra Banks – always the beauty ambassador – just surprised fans on social media with her natural hair. She posted a photo on social media with the caption:

My hair color when I was a lil Ty Ty. Years later @kimblehaircare and her team took me back to my baby girl roots. My real hair, my real color.

Fans were excited to see Tyra’s natural brown-blonde, curly hair. Many asked her to keep her hair this way. Some fans understood the work that is involved, encouraging Tyra to keep it this way as long as you can keep it up.

In June, she announced plans for a docu-series titled Beauty. It will be available on a new app called, Quibi launching April 2020.

How many brave beauties have made the decision to go natural? Most people that I have talked to about it felt a sense of freedom. Have you thought about going natural?

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