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The 5 Worst Shoes for Your Feet


According to a podiatrist, there are 5 shoes you should stay away from that are not high heel shoes. As a lady that loves her heels I was shocked but relieved high heels are not a top of the list but I was surprise at a few favorites that were mentioned.

Slides: They give no support to your feet and cause your arch to collapse. Sock sneakers: They provide no support to the top and outside of the foot which can lead to an ankle sprain. Slingback Flats: These can lead to the same issues as Slides. Country boots: The show is not the natural shape of the foot so the big toe is going to exacerbate a bunion, cause hammertoes and irritate neuromas. Ankle Boots with Stilettos: Pressure is placed on the balls of the foot. It throws off one’s center of gravity putting stress on knees and the lower back. Which type of shoe above do you wear the most?

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