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New Study: 2 Of 5 Internet Users Misdiagnose Illnesses


A new survey reveals that two out of five people who visit health-related websites have misdiagnosed themselves as having serious diseases. The survey, for which 2,000 U.S. residents were polled, found that 65 percent had looked up their symptoms on Google, according to LetsGetChecked, which commissioned the research. Of those who did, 75 percent admitted their findings “stressed them out more” over their health. “While educating yourself can be a good thing, it is important to have objective testing,” says Dr. Robert Mordkin of LetsGetChecked. The likely reason people prefer to receive online diagnoses is six out of 10 admit they try to avoid visiting the doctor’s office at all costs, the study reveals. Now we know why doctors are so grumpy these days because by the time you make to the doctor you have treated yourself for something you don’t even have.  Do you turn to Google when you start feeling under the weather? It alarming that nearly half of American’s trun to google instead of an office visit is the cause of concern for many healthcare professionals. I think we all have participated in this madness.

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