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Did Rihanna Kill Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show Business?


Rihanna is on top of Forbes’ list of wealthiest female musicians from her Fenty business endeavors. The 31-year-old singer launched her Fenty Savage X lingerie brand and has accumulated a massive $600 million fortune. Not only edging out the most famous names in music financially but her high-end lingerie fashion show was streamed live on Amazon Prime Video. Fenty Savage X out maneuvered Victoria’s Secrets and gave Fenty access to 100 million Prime subscribers in 200 countries. Rihanna also offered lingerie for women of all sizes unlike Victoria’s Secrets.  Since Rihanna’s brand has emerged it has been hard for the competition to keep up!

Read Rihanna Killed Victoria’s Secret’s Fashion Show Business

In fact the Grammy-winner and fashion designer’s deal with French luxury goods giant LVMH has catapulted RiRi into the history books as the first black woman to run a major luxury fashion house.

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