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Lawsuit Alleges NFL/MLB Charters Filled With Young, White Blonde Crew


A Black and a Jewish flight attendant have filed a lawsuit against their longtime employer, United Airlines, alleging that the company uses only young, white, blue-eyed blondes to work charter flights for the NFL, MLB and more. The women allege that they have asked to be assigned to the charters but were told by supervisors that, based on team preferences, they weren’t on the “preferred list”.   The suit also says those that don’t have “sexual allure” get barred from the charters and therefore don’t get the higher pay, complimentary tickets and other perks that come with flying with pro-sports teams. United Airlines said they “couldn’t comment” on the lawsuit but is “proud of it’s track record of diversity, equity and inclusion.” Could United Airlines be discriminating against other flight attendants with their “Barbies only” crews?

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