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Whitney Houston & Notorious B.I.G Officially Inducted Into The 2020 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame


During HBO’s Rock Hall Special, both Notorious B.I.G. and Whitney Houston were inducted.  Alicia Keys gave a speech about Whitney before she was officially inducted. She said, “We all know what a miraculous singer Whitney was, perhaps the greatest voice of our all-time. We all know how her unprecedented success brought Black women into the absolute highest reaches of the music industry’s pantheon. We all know that her music will live forever — that music, that everlasting voice, is her final generous gift to us. And she will now be one of the brightest lights ever to shine in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.” Also in attendance was Cissy and Pat Houston, Whitney’s mom and aunt.  To honor the Notorious B.I.G., Nas and Diddy, and Jay-Z all spoke about the rapper. Diddy said, “Nobody has come close to the way Biggie sounds, to the way he raps, to the frequency that he hits. Tonight, we are inducting the greatest rapper of all-time.” Afterward, his son CJ and daughter Tyanna Wallace accepted the honor on his behalf.  I’m so sad to see theses great artist are no longer with us.

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