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Texas House Approves Open Carry Without A Handgun Permit [VIDEO]


The Texas Senate passed a bill to allow open carry without permits, during a time when mass shootings are a national crisis.

House Bill 1927 would remove requirements for Texans who are 21 and older to obtain a license to carry handguns if they’re not barred from possessing them by state or federal law. Experts say that the laws requiring a waiting period after purchasing a gun could reduce live lost in mass shooting and suicide. Many Texas law enforcement official have spoken out and are against the new bill.

The current Texas law requires that to receive a permit for concealed or open carry, an individual must be at least 21, pass a fingerprinted background check and complete 4-6 hours of training, plus pass a written exam and a shooting safety proficiency test.

Some lawmakers think it is a waste of time and money that some gunowners don’t have. So you can afford the $500 firearms but not a license. Lawmakers have spent more time on voter suppression and removing handgun permits than working on the power grid sustainability. If the bill passes prepare for the Wild Wild West!

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