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Black Gun Owners Are Marching On ‘Black Wall Street’ Massacre 100th


Hundreds of Black Gun Owners are coming together in Tulsa, Oklahoma to pay homage to the lives lost during the ‘Tulsa Race Massacre’.  The march is to help encourage black gun ownership in the US and show respect to the 300 Black Americans who were massacred after violence destroyed an affluent neighborhood known as ‘Black Wall Street’. The co-founder of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club in Dallas said, “Our hope is to try to galvanize a community, educate around the position of Second Amendment rights, and hopefully be a vehicle to more or less unify the African American community.” He continued to say, “In Tulsa, the city still hasn’t officially recognized that massacre. We still have descendants that as recently as last week spoke before Congress requesting reparations.” During the march, people will be passing out books and documents in the hopes of educating people on ‘Black Wall Street’ and informing the Black Community on their rights in an effort to show how to properly handle encounters with the police. Two survivors talk about that horrific event that has been excluded from history books.

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