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Missy Elliott Recalls Writing Fan Mail To Janet Jackson


Missy Elliott is reminiscing on her early days as a Jackson 5 fangirl after receiving a prestigious honor in the music industry herself.  On Saturday, the 8th annual Black Music Honors will premiere on the Stellar Networks, where Elliott will receive the 2023 Innovator Icon award. In an interview, the rapper opened up about what this moment meant for her.  “You’ve got to have a real talent. You have to put in that work. When you are acknowledged by Black Music Honors, you can see that your work hadn’t been in vain,” Elliott says.  Elliott is also set to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Nov. 3. In light of the honor, she recalled her days as a young girl, writing fan mail to Janet Jackson. “Janet said that she is proud of me. You have to understand, the majority of us look at the Jacksons like royalty. To have Janet Jackson say that she’s proud of you, that speaks for itself.”

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