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Ne-Yo Kicks Fan Off Stage For Grabbing His Hat


Ne-Yo is one of R&B’s biggest artists, but that doesn’t mean he won’t tell fans to back off if they approach him too enthusiastically when he’s performing. The Grammy Award-winning musician acted quickly during a recent performance at Nelly’s Hot In Herre Festival in Toronto after an enthused fan knocked his distinctive fedora off his head. He said, “Kai’s not a Ne-Yo fan. She know good and goddamn well she wasn’t supposed to grab my hat. Kai get your ass back over there!” Then, in order to continue performing, Ne-Yo proceeded to push the fan off stage by the waist. The crooner put the final nail in the coffin by hilariously trying to boot her off the stage as she quickly performed a twerk dance before leaving. The musician, 43, recognized the humor in the situation once the video started gaining popularity on social media and added a few laughing emojis to an Instagram post.


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